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How to Live With Your Past

Many of us have experiences that linger in the mind. We often struggle to let go of what we have been through. In ancient Sanskrit, these are called samskaras, incomplete experiences. Many people today have not been taught how to work through a traumatic experience, and when a person is faced with a challenging life event, the only thing they know to do is run from it or cover it up with worldly distractions such as tv, food, drugs, alcohol, another person, projecting personal pain onto others, etc. The different ways we handle these situations are often ineffective and create more momentum in the undesired direction.

When a person runs from or covers up trauma, it gets stored in the body's Oreck field. This kind of energy becomes part of the ego, it is constantly on guard to protect its host from further harm, and Interrupts (our natural state) The Flow State. These systems burn up a lot of energy. Samskaras not only block out additional pain but also may block the person from experiences that could dramatically enhance their lives.

When we are going through life carrying these bags of past problems around, we are holding ourselves back from experiencing connection and unity with each other as well as to The One or, as some like to call God, divine presence and many other names. This is referred to as guarding, guarding interferes with our ability to grow and transcend into higher levels of consciousness. So how do we fully process these experiences to not create additional samskaras and heal the past? One way is through diving into memories and emotions during meditation. You can also choose to be with feelings as they arise. As you go into the body's energy field accepting whatever feelings and memories come up, allow yourself to fully experience whatever is there: sorrow, guilt, anger, pain, regret, etc. You may feel them all. Whatever you find, dive into it, and allow yourself to go into it fully to have a complete experience. Do not try to feel better or act on it but instead stay with it until you start to feel it leaving your body and aura like wind blowing through you until you experience a release of energy. Once you feel ready to move on, fill yourself with light. Picturing this light, start in your heart and continue to expand this light energy until it is surrounding you. You may want to finalize with a blessing such as ( Thank You God For allowing me to work through and learn from this experience)

If something you already worked with resurfaces later, repeat this process until you are free. Oftentimes when we are making it through these feelings, we may start to feel an overwhelming feeling of compassion, understanding, and love, we may be able to see clearly why we needed to go through this experience. Eventually or even immediately, you may experience a total release of the shadow that has come over you or been following you around. You no longer need to associate that experience with who you are, it is not you. It was one of the many lessons you came here to experience in this life, once you move through it you may even free yourself from carrying it into the next.

The next time you experience discord. Don't judge it, don't try to understand it. Don't cover it up or try to escape the feeling. Allow yourself to feel it fully and you may be surprised as to what is on the other side.

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