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Meditation For People Who Don't Like Meditation or Don't Know Where to Start.

I have often heard people say they cant stand meditation because it's so hard or they are confused about how to meditate. This makes a lot of sense to me because it can be hard to understand something that there are no words for. Many have tried and we settle for words that describe different states of consciousness like Dahrana, Dhyana, nirvana, and my favorite Samadhi the state of merging your energy with the One. Regardless of how we describe or hear other people talk about it when you are finally settled into the seated position of your choice and begin to attempt meditation, the mind is often flooded with thoughts of responsibilities concerns, and memories to the point that most people assume they are just bad at meditation or that it is to hard. You may get frustrated after spending fifteen minutes to an hour and often give up or assumed its not for you. Like anything worth doing meditation requires a certain amount of comitment and determination. Not all people struggle with this there are some who can immediately go into a state of merging with the divine but some of us need guidance, which is why I wanted to offer some options for people who need help with meditating and explain some ancient visualization techniques that can creat rapid transformation and begin the meditation journey.

I like to start every meditation by calling on beings of the purest white light. I believe this is the most important first step because you don't want to open yourself up to just any type of guide. Although some may be helpful, I believe it is best to only connect to energy and guides who are working in direct communication with the One.

I start out like this: Beings of the purest white light, God, Ark Angels, Jesus, spirit guides and higher self, I envoke you. I ask you to be here now. Clear my energy now. 'side note, this is when you may choose to burn some sage'. I come to you requesting a higher will than my own be done in all areas of my life. Guide me to love others as you love them to love myself as you love me. Guide me to surrender all thoughts to you. Then I move on to the visualizations. Lets start with chakra clearing. First envision the root chakra picture a red light at the base of the spine, breath into it, as you breathe in allow it to expand as large as possible, on your out-breath, allow it to shrink to the size of a pinpoint. This is called the radiance technique, continue to use the radiance technique as you move through each chakra. Continue to focus on one shokra as long as you like until you are ready to move to the next energy center. Next you will move to the Sacral chokra located at the center of the pubic bone. Here you will picture an orange light. Then the Solar Plexus Chakra, you will picture a yellow light just above the belly button. Going up to the Heart Chakra, a emerald green light at the center of the heart. Next is the Throat Chokra a bright blue at the center of the throat. Moving up we have the third eye Chokra a purple light in the center just above the eyes. And then there is the crown Chokra a pure white light at the very top of the head. You may want to take some extra time on one particular area. Each chakra can help with different areas of your being. You may want to learn about the different chakras as well but it is not necessary to begin your meditation. For instance, the Throat Chokra is part of communication and is connected to the Akashic records.

Another visualization technique I like to use is the Gold Technique taught by Robert J. Gilbert. It is a sacred geometry visualization I have found to be life-changing. Start by picturing a golden sun just above the head, then a golden sun above the right shoulder another sun forms above the left shoulder, now connect the suns with a golden strand moving from the right to the left up to the top and then back down to the right shoulder. Now sit with this pyramid around your head. This is an ancient technique for the mind of God. There are more sacred geometry visualizations that can be found on or through Gilbert's website

So Next time you feel stuck or frustrated with meditation try some visualizations.

I hope this helps you to connect to your highest potential self.

Flow State

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