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Should I See a Psychic

So, you're considering seeing a psychic? Before you choose someone to help guide you, I would like to share a few things that may help in selecting a psychic or deciding if seeing one will benefit you. First, I must explain a little bit about fate. Fate is a product of a person's choices and decisions. On your path, there are many roads you can take, as well as crossroads. At the beginning of a new path, you may experience some rough terrain, winding, bumpy, and flat-out rugged roads. When you realize there may be an easier way, you may choose to go a different route. You want to take the road leading you to your purpose with the most ease and support. There still may be boulders to climb and rivers to cross, but ultimately the path you choose will hopefully be the most direct path to your goals your purpose, and your divine union with the One. "Socrates stated that the greatest endeavor is to guide the human soul towards perfect connection and union with the One."

Where fate comes in is there will be people and experiences already set in place on each path. If you start experiencing synchronistic events, goosebump-type moments, and or deja vu, this is often a sign that you are on the most direct route or on your way to it.

So now that you understand a little about fate, here is where a psychic may be able to help. True, psychics can tap into higher realms of infinite knowledge, like the Akashic records, they can receive messages from your personal spirit guides or higher self, therefore communicating directly with your soul. They may be able to see these different paths and assist you in your next step to best support your life's purpose/ contract. A psychic understands some of these possibilities may never come to fruition without making specific life choices. They know these different paths are but mere possibilities. If you choose a psychic that tells you six months from today, you will meet a tall, dark stranger, it may be wise to reconsider your source of information. If you are experienced with meditation and tapping into intuition, you may choose not to utilize a psychic.

Ultimately the choice is yours. From my perspective, we can use all the help we can get on our journey but choose wisely. Just as the right person can help you, some may be detrimental and steer you further away from your purpose.

Ashley Pearce

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